Christopher Baker


Whether it’s life or sport, Christopher Baker, or just ‘Baker’ as he has become known, has proven that anything is possible guided by a simple mantra that the human spirit is “beyond defeat.”

A 3-time Ironman and distance runner, Baker possesses an infectious and undeniable powerhouse of energy, drive and commitment, which he shares and cultivates with everyone he comes in contact with helping push you beyond your imagined limits and achieve your goals

Baker began competitively running in 2008, participating in excess of 100 races since that time and posting PRs of 1:20:48 in the Half-Marathon, 2:51:37 in the Marathon, 5:12:58 in the Half-Ironman, and 10:27:47 in the Ironman. 

“Never give up, no matter what challenges you face. Accept the challenge and rise to the occasion.” - Coach Baker
He is a firm believer that triathlon is not just about the individual competing, but the social and support of those closest to us.  It is a social sport with strong, supportive culture full of friends, family and loved ones that enrich the entire experience.  It’s this awareness that enables him to coach his athletes from a holistic and regimented approach.