Frequent Questions

What you need to know about The Battalion.

  • What is The Battalion?

    The Battalion is a Running and Triathlon Team who love challenging races and the social community built around them. We are very supportive of one another and don't take ourselves too seriously.

  • How do I join?

    Fill out the Contact Form and someone will get back to you. Our pricing model is set at $50 per year. This gains you access to our Team Site which lists our group runs, group rides and races the team has signed up for. You will also get a Battalion tech shirt so you can represent.

  • Member Benefits?

    By joining and paying a yearly due, you will get access to our training schedule, the ability to train along side our coaches and access to Battalion gear. We map out our race schedule for the year as a team and base group training around it.

  • What kind of races does The Battalion train for?

    Our tagline says it all, "Unified in the Pursuit of Human Achievement." We race all distances from 5K to Marathon, Full Ironman to Sprint triathlon. There are even a few of us who are crazy Ultrarunners and Ultraswimmers!

  • I don't live in the NYC area, how can I participate?

    You can always race under our crest no matter where you live. You will not be able to participate in local group activities, but can still train on the days we train, for the races we will be racing.

  • Do you offer Private Coaching?

    Yes, we do offer Private Coaching. Please Contact Us for our rates.

Are you looking to push your limits? Do you want to be a part of something great? Join The Battalion!


This was my first season training with a coach and the gains I made were tremendous. Looking back I finished my first complete Ironman, PR’ed an Olympic Tri by 13 minutes, PR’ed the Marathon by 6 minutes, and set PR’s for the Half Marathon and shorter distances as well. Combine that with extensive traveling and a crazy career and I can honestly say I never would have been able to do it without Baker coaching me through. Looking forward to next year!
David Colman


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