Unified in the Pursuit of Human Achievement

The Battalion is a small (and relatively new) running and triathlon club based out of New York City. Our philosophy is to build community around the sport through racing. Each year the Team picks a series of races to train for, which dictates our training schedule.

We are fast. We are slow. We welcome all, as long as you have heart and dedication.


For years I trained on my own for running races, swims and triathlons on my own and my race results were all over the map – a reflection of my training, I’m sure. I wasn’t consistent and my training was exhausting, so I turned to Baker and turned my training into steady progress toward better, more consistent results. Baker helped me tap into the athlete I always knew I could be with focused training that focused on kicking up my cycling ability to match my run and swim which led to kicking ass across the triathlon course. My half marathon times fell into a window of speeds all hovering around what used to be my “really fast times” with ease. Baker helps me build up to my strongest peak and throws me a workout to test my speed right when I need it, sometimes blowing away what I think I’m capable of. He also knows exactly when I’m going to need a break and makes me take it until I’m ready to get back to hard training and I’m a smarter, healthier athlete as a result. Training with Baker over the last few years has been excellent for my running and triathlon career and I’m always excited to see what he has in store for me, week after week!  – AC
Amy Cooper