Unified in the Pursuit of Human Achievement

The Battalion is a small (and relatively new) running and triathlon club based out of New York City. Our philosophy is to build community around the sport through racing. Each year the Team picks a series of races to train for, which dictates our training schedule.

We are fast. We are slow. We welcome all, as long as you have heart and dedication.


I knew Coach Baker from the NYC running scene, and joined up with him as soon as he hung out his shingle and started coaching. Baker is a strong a motivated athlete, and carries that through into his coaching, leading us by example. Baker has coached me through two seasons of triathlon, with significant PR’s each season. Baker is always responsive, thorough and motivates me to push beyond what I think I can do. I have seen him adapt his style to the different teammates that work with him – but also knows how to take the “whole athlete” into account, looking after our physical and mental well being as well as our adherence to our training plans. Baker has also attracted a like-minded stable of athletes, and we all seem to push each other either via social-media or on race day. I highly recommend training with Baker, racing with The Battalion, and look forward to many more seasons with the team.
Joe Herman