Unified in the Pursuit of Human Achievement

The Battalion is a small (and relatively new) running and triathlon club based out of New York City. Our philosophy is to build community around the sport through racing. Each year the Team picks a series of races to train for, which dictates our training schedule.

We are fast. We are slow. We welcome all, as long as you have heart and dedication.


After more small races than I can count, I decided to ramp it up a level and signed up for the longest distance I thought I could physically endure: the half Ironman. Enter Baker. Not only did he train me to finish this race, I improved my times across all 3 disciplines and finished the season completely and miraculously uninjured. With The Battalion on my side, I’ve committed to the next level of crazy and am racing the full Ironman next year and I can’t wait.
Rachel Cochran